Queen Of Thieves theme song lyric video

I wrote and produced the theme song for Queen Of Thieves, as well as a large portion of the instrumental soundtrack. It was a great project to be involved with, so thanks to Winter Wolves Games and Boossara for their help again. This is also my 10th video game pop / theme song released! Really proud of this slightly surreal career milestone and happy with how this most recent project came out.

Fun facts:

  • I got my first theme song gig after recording a video game theme song I first wrote when I was a high school student.
  • Remember Me won an award for “best original song” from review site vnsnow.com in 2011. I think it was actually the only entry in this category.
  • Until I’m Broken was disliked so much by Loren Amazon Princess players that the song was periodically removed from the game. So I switched styles from high energy anime rock to flowing orchestral ballads for RPGs as a result.
  • Elaborate Deception and New Horizons (the bonus version in French) were both nominated for theme song awards in 2013 but lost to the song from Hate Plus. (A terrific song, I have absolutely no gripe about this.)
  • Seasons Of The Wolf won the “best original song” for the year 2014 beating out a more competitive field compared to 2011. My Name Of Lights was also a nominee for this year, losing to Seasons Of The Wolf.

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