@mattleetmusic to attend Anime Expo

I got an industry badge to Anime Expo this summer. If you are attending the convention and want to talk business, shoot me an email!

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Scribbles Games releases KickStarter for “As we Know It”

Scribbles Games released a KickStarter for “As We Know It”, a modern dystopian visual novel about climate change and society.

Ashlynn leaves a life of chaos behind for the safety and structure of an underground sanctuary. When her and her mother are chosen to move into the underground city, Camden, they’re both thrilled. Fresh produce made in technologically advanced greenhouses, safety from the warlords and sandmen, no worries about fatal power outages. She can get a job, make friends, and even find love… Things were looking great. At least, until everything fell apart.

It was fun making music to match the unique setting of the game. I also enjoyed the developer’s past work Pinewood Island, a college murder mystery (which I had no involvement in.) As We Know It has a free demo that you can download and then donate if you feel so inclined. Here’s the music so far!

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A brief music recap of 2016

2016 was the beginning of a transition for me. I still worked on a lot of music projects, but I also experienced about at a 2-3 month gap between projects at one point and that was a little frustrating. Fortunately I was able to ask for help and a client came through with a referral that turned into another good client, but it still didn’t change the fact that I was out of work for awhile.

One of my long-term interests that I haven’t pursued much has been computer science and programming. I enrolled in a 6 month software bootcamp at a community college and that’s been occupying the majority of my time in the second half of this year. It’s been a great experience, it’s quite challenging I feel like I’m learning an enormous amount. It’s been great for my state of mind and I’m looking forward to seeing the impact it has on my future career.

Project-wise, Queen Of Thieves was probably my favorite release since Roommates. The theme song is an orchestral ballad comparable to Seasons Of The Wolf, and this time I also got to contribute on the instrumental soundtrack. Additionally, I’m still working on an animated music video for Zuki Nyu. It’s taking a long time because it’s the first time I’ve worked in 3d and managed multiple remote animators. We’re shooting for a summer 2017 release.

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Interview with Tunecore blog

Matthew was interviewed by Tunecore’s music blog about LeetStreet Boys and the “otaku” music genre. Very happy to have this opportunity and how it turned out. Read the piece here!

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Meet me at SXSW

I will be at SXSW again this year, since as an Austin resident it’s easy for me to get there. If you wish to be in touch here is where you might find me.

- Wednesday I will be doing press for Music Otaku and interviewing an artist from Sony Music Japan.

- Thursday I will be hanging out at The Four Seasons schmoozing, and then attending The Recording Academy block party in the evening.

- Friday I will be checking out Tunecore’s show, and then likely heading over to Japan Nite.

- Saturday I will be supporting a friend’s music showcase.

I’ll also be hanging around the SXSW Gaming expo sometime between those 3 days. If you are attending SXSW and want to connect there please contact me. Additionally, I’m working on a pop artist project that I’m looking to find some networking opportunities for.

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Japanese language video game theme song

Leet Music composed the theme song “Taste Of You,” which was performed by Japanese “J-pop” artist Hitomi Himekawa. Matt wrote the song in English, and Hitomi rewrote the lyrics in Japanese. Matt also did all the arranging and mixing. The song will appear in an upcoming visual novel / dating sim / eroge game project. ┬áThis was the first assignment where Leet Music was asked to make a theme song in Japanese, and it presented a new challenge. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to making music with all languages and influences.

Out to snack on some Asian food in Brooklyn.


Hitomi’s own Hime Romance store which sells Japanese fashion and anime merchandise, as well as the home of Star Generation management.


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