@mattleetmusic to attend Anime Expo

I got an industry badge to Anime Expo this summer. If you are attending the convention and want to talk business, shoot me an email!

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Notome Games releases Pipe Dream teaser

Notome Games unveiled a teaser for their upcoming college dating sim Pipe Dream, which I co-wrote and produced. This introductory video contains an instrumental snippet, but the full song has vocals.

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A brief music recap of 2016

2016 was the beginning of a transition for me. I still worked on a lot of music projects, but I also experienced about at a 2-3 month gap between projects at one point and that was a little frustrating. Fortunately I was able to ask for help and a client came through with a referral that turned into another good client, but it still didn’t change the fact that I was out of work for awhile.

One of my long-term interests that I haven’t pursued much has been computer science and programming. I enrolled in a 6 month software bootcamp at a community college and that’s been occupying the majority of my time in the second half of this year. It’s been a great experience, it’s quite challenging I feel like I’m learning an enormous amount. It’s been great for my state of mind and I’m looking forward to seeing the impact it has on my future career.

Project-wise, Queen Of Thieves was probably my favorite release since Roommates. The theme song is an orchestral ballad comparable to Seasons Of The Wolf, and this time I also got to contribute on the instrumental soundtrack. Additionally, I’m still working on an animated music video for Zuki Nyu. It’s taking a long time because it’s the first time I’ve worked in 3d and managed multiple remote animators. We’re shooting for a summer 2017 release.

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Never Forget Me theme song released

Begin where most love stories end. Never Forget Me, the highly anticipated sequel to Always Remember Me from Winter Wolves Games has now been released. Once again, Leet Music produced the theme song, this time with a more mature pop sensibility because the game takes on the perspective of the first game in the events following married life. Remember Me was a hit in it’s time, so I’m hoping fans of that game will enjoy the sequel as well.

The theme song is available for purchase on Bandcamp and iTunes.

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Cosplay Love fan performance music video

YouTuber and model Valory Pierce (currently exploding with 67,000 subscribers) made her own music video for my song Cosplay Love with original vocals performed by Zuki Nyu. The song has been pitched down slightly from the original version to be more like Valory’s own voice. The video is very pretty with backgrounds and costumes being production strengths.  Thanks for your support Valory! :)

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Queen Of Thieves theme song lyric video

I wrote and produced the theme song for Queen Of Thieves, as well as a large portion of the instrumental soundtrack. It was a great project to be involved with, so thanks to Winter Wolves Games and Boossara for their help again. This is also my 10th video game pop / theme song released! Really proud of this slightly surreal career milestone and happy with how this most recent project came out.

Fun facts:

  • I got my first theme song gig after recording a video game theme song I first wrote when I was a high school student.
  • Remember Me won an award for “best original song” from review site vnsnow.com in 2011. I think it was actually the only entry in this category.
  • Until I’m Broken was disliked so much by Loren Amazon Princess players that the song was periodically removed from the game. So I switched styles from high energy anime rock to flowing orchestral ballads for RPGs as a result.
  • Elaborate Deception and New Horizons (the bonus version in French) were both nominated for theme song awards in 2013 but lost to the song from Hate Plus. (A terrific song, I have absolutely no gripe about this.)
  • Seasons Of The Wolf won the “best original song” for the year 2014 beating out a more competitive field compared to 2011. My Name Of Lights was also a nominee for this year, losing to Seasons Of The Wolf.
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