Lead Singer for teen girl J-pop Metal group in upcoming Visual Novel

Miyuki band performance shot

Skill set:

  • Sing commercial level teen oriented high energy j-pop / metal vocals. (Songs are in English.)
  • Record vocals cleanly and reliably without technical or logistical issues. (Quality home recording setup is fine.)
  • Be the front-person for this project on social media and promotional materials.

Influencing / competing artists:

  • Scandal
  • Lovebites
  • LiSA


Miyuki is a strong and powerful singer despite her youth, capable of wowing a crowd with her stunning voice and intense presence. Offstage she comes off as arrogant and sullen at times, but she’s a competitive workaholic who takes her performance with utmost seriousness. Despite adoration from fans Miyuki has also suffered hardships and setbacks in her career. Her fire is fueled by both pride and frustration.

Project structure:

This is a visual novel about a band, so the artist and music are the focal point of the story. The game production is already finished and now the team needs music that gets people excited about it! There is also the opportunity to create a full album worth of songs based on the strength of material and success of the project. Opportunity for future co-writes is also possible and to be determined. Approach this project like being signed in a band to a record label debut.


Competitive up-front pay on a per-song basis. Details to be discussed based on individual circumstances.



  • Please send vocal recordings via web links (preferred) or attachments.
  • Passion for j-pop, anime and games a huge plus!

send to: