Leet Music Launched


Done. I’ve wanted to re-brand from my old domain for years but it took awhile to figure out how to do it. First I want to thank Danny Horgan for his assistance putting this site together. He was easy to work with and I recommend Danny to anyone else in needing help to build their own site like this.

I want to thank all my clients for supporting my music over the years, but especially: Jeremy Spiller, James Adams, Jennifer Hruska, Justin McLaine, Joseph Lieberman, Steven Anderson, Georgina Bensley, Mark Leung, Celso Riva and David Ortega. The support of awesome clients has helped me to grow and I would not be able to do this otherwise. I also want to thank everyone who has made LeetStreet Boys what it is: Frogs McCormack, Nathaniel Soria, Colby Peterson, Christopher Payne-Taylor, Geoffrey Golden, Erin Nagy, Patrick Powers, Lawrence Lee, Songwut Ouppakarndee and the countless friends and fans I’ve made through music.

Over the past 8 years I’ve achieved some degree of commercial success both as a freelance music composer / producer working for clients, and also as a recording artist selling music directly to fans. I love being able to do this and strive to further my career in these fields. The mission of Leet Music is to simultaneously be both my portfolio for music and audio services, as well as a music “label” hub for the artists I work with. I will also write articles about my experiences and opinions on music, and I’ve already had interest in a piece on music videos which I will get to first. I hope that Leet Music will be professionally successful for myself, my clients and my artists, as well as an informational resource for professional and amateur musicians who share interest in my areas of expertise.

Here’s to moving forward!


  1. Impandinpuddy says:

    Hello! How do you feel about young composers ?

  2. admin says:

    Hi – Can you please elaborate on your question?

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