Nicole otome game soundtrack

Matt composed most of the soundtrack to “Nicole,” the latest release from Winter Wolves Games which was just released! The game has elements of mystery and romance set in a contemporary college setting. The music is a mix of dramatic piano(accented by strings), modern arrangements, and even a fun disco pub tune.  The full soundtrack is available through purchase of the bonus version of the game.

Visual novels and otome games are a game genre that’s currently increasing in popularity quite a bit. It’s great to be able to work with one of the leading developers of English language visual novels a nd otome games and push the production values of music in this type of game. Matt first started composing full soundtracks for these games with Heileen 3, and since it was well-received by fans he’s been commissioned to compose more expansive custom soundtracks. Winter Wolves is developing more games with Matt’s music which will be released in later 2013 or 2014! :)

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  1. winterwolves says:

    Working with Matthew was great as usual!
    I got really nice comments from the players about the music in the game, and I look forward to work again with him in future :)

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