Anime & Comics Fandomania podcast theme song

Leet Music recently composed and produced the theme song for Anime & Comics Fandomania podcast. The song is a high energy mix of punk rock instruments with chiptunes, synths and catchy vocal hooks performed by LeetStreet Boys. It rocks pretty hard!

I was recently a guest on the show where I discussed LeetStreet Boys and music. Afterward I was approached by the ACF producer about creating a theme song to play in the beginning of every episode.  I loved the idea, and gravitated towards the coolness of the word “Fandomania” as a combination of fandom and crazy. What resulted was a song about the crazy things fans do to show their enthusiasm, glorifying over-the-top behavior and poking fun at it a little bit too.

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This was my first time using Plogue Chipsounds as a dedicated chiptunes virtual instrument, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in making quality chip music without using a tracker. I also spent a lot of time tracking vocals, as well as humanizing drum and guitar samples to get what I felt was a scrappy punk sound with a lot of attitude. The guitar solo was performed masterfully by Patrick Powers and the voiceover “announcer” part was done convincingly by Jonathan Sawicki.

This project is the first official LeetStreet Boys theme song to another media to be released. This year for the first time, I’ve started getting requests from clients to compose music for their project specifically in the style of LeetStreet Boys with me as a vocalist. It’s really satisfying, and there are several other unreleased projects like this coming up in the next few months. Thanks to Jorge Paiz for the opportunity!

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  1. Jorge Paiz says:

    This is ACF Radio Producer Jorge Paiz here to say that The LeetStreet Boys did a Fantastic Job performing our theme song Fandomanaia. Matt Myers is an awesome singer he id a brilliant Job composing our theme song. If I were to ever require any future music for any of our future productions I’d higher Matt Myers in a heart beat he does a great job!

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