Tempest Citadel released from Aartform Games

Leet Music composed the music for Tempest Citadel from Aartform Games, which is now available on Steam. Musically it features a mix of orchestral, metal, electronic and ambient elements. Tempest Citadel is a strategy game set on a storm-ruled planet with a vivid sci-fi story. Build a mighty Citadel in the clouds for your crew of 100 unique explorers and conquer the deadly planet below in 3D squad battles. Here’s an awesome gameplay video where you can hear the music.


The full soundtrack is available now on Bandcamp, and some tracks are posted below. This was a great project and the resulting game is impressive!


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LeetStreet Boys release Sakura unplugged version

LeetStreet Boys recently released a new version of Sakura, focusing on an acoustic sound in 2018. We’re looking to raise money for a whole acoustic album release via Patreon.

Here is the original version of the song:


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Leet Music patreon launched

I launched a Patreon page to create music for fans here! Thanks for your support, and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

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LeetStreet Boys unplugged acoustic project

LeetStreet Boys is coming out of several years of hiatus to produce some unplugged / acoustic songs just in time for the project’s 10th year anniversary in 2018. Here is the first song release! The band is also looking to start booking conventions and reconnecting with fans again next year.

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Leet Music recording client featured in The Boston Globe

Congrats to The Payne-Taylors for this fun write-up before they embark on their national tour. It was fun recording your songs!

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Miss Bullard’s School For Former Ladies kickstarter

This project  is now fully funded and even met all their stretch goals! Congrats to the developer and I’m looking forward to helping however I can!



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