Miss Bullard’s School For Former Ladies released

Quibble Quills’ debut Miss Bullard’s School For Former Ladies was recently released! The game is a visual novel set in Victorian England with elements of romance and suspense. They did a Kickstarter last year and now came through with the final product.

Miss Bullard’s School for Former Ladies is the only Old Continent boarding and etiquette school for women of “unfortunate circumstance”, who are not quite as normal as they once were, but still wish to enter society as convincingly human as possible. 

You play as Lillian Graham, the daughter of a respected trader from the New Continent, who attends the school after fits of nightmares and possessed sleepwalking deemed to have magical origin. While it is unclear what is happening to you or what will become of your humanity, your job is to unravel the mysteries that surround you and the location itself. Separated from society and moved to a new place at such a trying age can be intimidating…but perhaps you will not have to face it alone.

This project was a pleasure to be a part of the whole way through, and I’m happy to see it getting positive responses from the crowdfunding backers. In particular it was great to work with a developer who allowed me to write variations on a musical theme, such as with the boarding school track and romance tracks. I really enjoyed turning the pristine “welcome” track into an intense and spooky final battle! Often game developers think that using the same melody in multiple pieces of music is repetitive and lazy, while when done well it can actually be iconic and add emotional connection because it connects different parts of the story together. Some well-known examples of this are Star Wars and Final Fantasy, where character themes are reused and changed as the story progresses. For me as a melody writer who strives to make catchy themes I was in my element. I also appreciated how the developer listened to me when I had feedback, and I did everything I was capable to give them the soundtrack materials their story needed to be successful. It’s key when a client understands that their success is my success too.

Thanks for a fantastic project, Quibble Quills! I encourage anyone who likes visual novels, period pieces and excellent writing to check this project out. :) The soundtrack is available on my Bandcamp page too.

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Fantasy RPG Cursed Lands released

A mysterious mist has spread over the plains surrounding the Castle of M’Mar, and the mists carry with them the smell of undeath. The blight grows closer to the Empire’s borders with every passing day, and they send an expedition to investigate – with disastrous results. The Empire’s remaining forces regroup and devise an alternative plan, this time based on concealment and infiltration.

You assume the role of the Empire’s Envoy, secretly serving the Grimoire Council. You must assemble a small strike team to investigate what is happening, and put a stop to whatever evil is lurking within the Castle of N’Mar.

Winter Wolves Games just released their new fantasy RPG, Cursed Lands! The game is available here.

Leet Music produced an instrumental track and a theme song (special post coming soon.) Below are some music selections from the project. The soundtrack is available on BandCamp.




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Tempest Citadel released from Aartform Games

Leet Music composed the music for Tempest Citadel from Aartform Games, which is now available on Steam. Musically it features a mix of orchestral, metal, electronic and ambient elements. Tempest Citadel is a strategy game set on a storm-ruled planet with a vivid sci-fi story. Build a mighty Citadel in the clouds for your crew of 100 unique explorers and conquer the deadly planet below in 3D squad battles. Here’s an awesome gameplay video where you can hear the music.


The full soundtrack is available now on Bandcamp, and some tracks are posted below. This was a great project and the resulting game is impressive!


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Leet Music patreon launched

I launched a Patreon page to create music for fans here! Thanks for your support, and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

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Planet Stronghold Colonial Defense re-release

Winter Wolves Games recently re-released their space sci-fi RPG Planet Stronghold Colonial Defense with an attractive new manga art style and some new writing. To coincide, Leet Music remixed the theme song from an eclectic alien metal arrangement to this ballad with acoustic guitars and electronic space sounds.


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As We Know It fully funded via KickStarter

Congratulations to Scribbles Games for successfully funding their dystopian visual novel As We Know It via Kickstarter!

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