Roommates is now on Steam

One more release from Winter Wolves Games, Roommates is now on Steam! The full soundtrack (performed by LeetStreet Boys) is available for purchase here. The music was even singled out in a review of the game.

“The soundtrack, however, is very good and fits the tone of the game. The LeetStreet Boys are long-time collaborators with Winter Wolves and usually give their games a unique sound, so kudos on their continued relationship.” – VNsNOW


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Matt to speak at Captivate Conference

I was selected as a speaker for this year’s Captivate Conference in Austin, Texas. Captivate 2014 will be held October 24, 25, and 26th in Austin Texas at Austin Community College’s new Highland Campus just off I35. Join over 1,000 professionals in the convergence of games, music, mobile and film.


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Leet Music scores WoW fan podcast

In August I composed the introduction theme to Dalaran Academy podcast. Dalaran Academy is a World Of Warcraft fan podcast from two incredibly talented cosplayers: Serephita and Inquisitor Aura. The first episode is now available on the D20Crit website. The podcast will soon be available on iTunes and Stitcher as well.

Since the podcast is about World Of Warcraft, they wanted the music to resemble the high fantasy orchestral music from the game in order to draw listeners in. The project was a lot of fun to work on, and I want to thank Chelsea for getting me involved. I also appreciate the plug for Leet Music at the end of the episode, and encourage WoW fans to check it out!

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