GamaSutra article on theme songs – part 2

I wrote a second article on theme songs for games in GamaSutra, which was made a featured post. You can hear work in progress versions of Lost In This Night. Thanks to George Sanger, Natasha Cox and Celso Riva for helping me with this.

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Scribbles Games releases KickStarter for “As we Know It”

Scribbles Games released a KickStarter for “As We Know It”, a modern dystopian visual novel about climate change and society.

Ashlynn leaves a life of chaos behind for the safety and structure of an underground sanctuary. When her and her mother are chosen to move into the underground city, Camden, they’re both thrilled. Fresh produce made in technologically advanced greenhouses, safety from the warlords and sandmen, no worries about fatal power outages. She can get a job, make friends, and even find love… Things were looking great. At least, until everything fell apart.

It was fun making music to match the unique setting of the game. I also enjoyed the developer’s past work Pinewood Island, a college murder mystery (which I had no involvement in.) As We Know It has a free demo that you can download and then donate if you feel so inclined. Here’s the music so far!

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Cursed Lands theme song and lyric video

Thanks to Natasha / Boossara for a stunning vocal performance, George Sanger / The Fat Man for guitar, Rachel Aw for the lyric video and of course Winter Wolves Games for making this project possible. This is one of my favorite projects in a long time. Don’t be surprised if I start promoting it a lot. ;)

Currently looking for new work making theme songs like this, which I’m super passionate about. If you are interested in something like this please contact me to discuss the project and opportunity.

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