Seasons Of The Wolves (finally) released

I’ve been biting my nails for the past six  months in anticipation waiting on this one, but it finally happened! Seasons Of The Wolf, a fantasy RPG from Winter Wolves Games is now finished and released. The game is available to purchase (with a free demo) on their website.

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Video game theme songs article published

I wrote an article on the craft of making video game theme songs for GamaSutra’s blog section. The editor even decided to make it a “featured post!” I’ve been a reader of the site for years and I’m proud to be able to contribute in a field I have a lot of experience in. Read my article here.

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Roommates is now on Steam

One more release from Winter Wolves Games, Roommates is now on Steam! The full soundtrack (performed by LeetStreet Boys) is available for purchase here. The music was even singled out in a review of the game.

“The soundtrack, however, is very good and fits the tone of the game. The LeetStreet Boys are long-time collaborators with Winter Wolves and usually give their games a unique sound, so kudos on their continued relationship.” – VNsNOW


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