Epic Fantasy Battle music

Recently my queue has been a lot of pop music or dramatic music, so I decided to make something in this style as a portfolio piece. This one is completely open if someone wants to license it, or (of course) I’m interested in scoring an epic fantasy project if someone wants to hire me for this. ;-)


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‘Uni’ debuts on Unitrends website

The commercial I produced for Unitrends is now live!

This piece was created in a very short period of time to meet an internal deadline as a proof of concept. It now appears on the website front page and Uni is being added to more elements of the company marketing.

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Planet Stronghold featured in Humble Bundle

Planet Stronghold, a sci-fi RPG from Winter Wolves Games and soundtrack from Leet Music is featured in the Humble Bundle at a fantastic value this week! The game is also on Steam Greenlight, so please support!

The soundtrack to Planet Stronghold is available on iTunes and Bandcamp too!

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