Leet Music composes music for aerial photography

Leet Music was called up to compose music on a series of promotional videos and commercials for Standard Orbit OP, a company that specializes in aerial photography taken by drone airplanes. Their in-flight footage feels a lot like flying an airship over the map in an RPG. So naturally, the client wanted music that had some of the same uplifting qualities as classic RPG airship music, but also modern orchestral elements that would appeal to a more casual audience. The result is what you hear!

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Leet Music wins 2014 English visual novel theme song award

Time to celebrate! :)

“Seasons Of The Wolf,” which I wrote and produced won the 2014 award for English language visual novel song of the year! I’ve been around long enough to understand that you don’t get to choose your successes, but I think this song is some of the best work of my career and everything about it turned out really well. So very happy to see this one in particular being recognized. :)

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Roommates featured in Humble Weekly Bundle

Roommates, the hilarious hit dating sim from Winter Wolves Games is featured in the Humble Bundle: For Lovers (of games) this week! It was wonderful to compose and perform the rockin’ soundtrack for this project and I’m overjoyed to see it continue to find an audience! :)

Update: This bundle went on to gross $350,000 in one week’s time. Awesome!!

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