Seasons Of The Wolf is on Steam

Seasons Of The Wolf, the new RPG from Winter Wolves is now available on Steam! Really proud of the theme song for this one. :)

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Leet Music 2014 Post Mortem

In the tradition of last year’s post mortem analysis, I decided to make another piece focusing on business highs and lows from the last year in review. This year was most significant for me in terms of big personal life changes rather than anything world-shattering that happened with music, but in some ways they are related. I could only think of 3 this time, so here goes…

Good #3: Getting paid to produce an animation (instead of paying to do it)

After producing 5 animated music videos paying out of pocket, I was paid to produce an animated commercial for a technology company. I was responsible for managing the animator, voice talent, as well as handling all the audio needs and keeping everything on schedule. The budget was high (by my indie standards) but the piece was done at a whirlwind pace. Overall it was an enjoyable learning experience in terms of seeing whether it could be done and working with a large company. I hope to do more work for commercial / advertisement based projects in the future.

Bad #3: Boston video game industry faltering

From living in Boston through the last decade, it was really exciting to be there when the video game industry was flourishing through the successes of companies like Harmonix and Irrational Games. Unfortunately 2014 marked the shuttering of Irrational and other Boston companies also experiencing layoffs and financial woes. It seems like after 38 Studios closed less people are taking Boston seriously as a game development hub. That’s not to say that there aren’t some recent successes coming out of Boston, but overall opportunity there seems to be on the wane.

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PHD Gaming apps advance in Samsung contest, commercially release

Leet Music contributed sound design and music for PHD Gaming‘s apps Penguin Survivor and Puppy Pedometer, which both advanced to the second round of Samsung’s Gearapp contest earlier this year. They are both aimed at casual users with emphasis on fun.

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