Leet Music scores WoW fan podcast

In August I composed the introduction theme to Dalaran Academy podcast. Dalaran Academy is a World Of Warcraft fan podcast from two incredibly talented cosplayers: Serephita and Inquisitor Aura. The first episode is now available on the D20Crit website. The podcast will soon be available on iTunes and Stitcher as well.

Since the podcast is about World Of Warcraft, they wanted the music to resemble the high fantasy orchestral music from the game in order to draw listeners in. The project was a lot of fun to work on, and I want to thank Chelsea for getting me involved. I also appreciate the plug for Leet Music at the end of the episode, and encourage WoW fans to check it out!

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Date Warp is on Steam

Date Warp from Hanako Games is now on Steam. This project was the first video game theme song I ever did (way back in 2010) with vocals performed by Rebecca Angel and guitar / bass performed by Lawrence Lee. Now it’s like all I do is make video game theme songs (and that’s not a complaint!) Thanks again to Hanako Games for giving me that first opportunity. :)

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Leet Music life update

For those who are interested, I recently moved from Boston, MA to Austin, TX. This was a decision I had been contemplating for the last several years and the timing felt right. So far I’m really enjoying it here and looking to make like-minded contacts locally. My short-term goals are to be able to work with a game development studio here, as well as make more headway in the advertising industry as a jingle composer and multimedia producer. Last weekend while attending AnimeFest in Dallas I had the pleasure of meeting a number of colleagues from the RenPy forums. (I’m on the right side in the middle.)

renpy dinner small

I recently worked on several projects creating electronic hybrid music intended for sci-fi and suspense games. Here some examples from these projects:

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