Heileen 3: New Horizons is on Steam

I composed the music for Heileen 3: New Horizons from Winter Wolves Games and the title is now available on Steam. The game is a pirate romance fantasy, and the music is a mix of European and Caribbean influences. The music also features live vocals performed by Irulanne and live guitar performed by Abigail East.

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Brandividualist ‘Just Saying Nothing’ to Corporatespeak

I produced the song “Just Saying Nothing” for Christopher Payne-Taylor and his agency / consulting business Brandividualist. The song is a long list of buzzwords and pokes fun at the cliches used in corporate boardroom meeting jargon. Christopher recently was my boss working on the animated commercial for Unitrends, and I’ve learned a lot about brand marketing from him through working together. He played in a New York City punk band during the 1980s, and his roots shine through with his rebellious lyrics and snarly guitar.

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The Music of a Forgotten Ancient World

In 2011 I created music and sound for PHD Gaming‘s app Edu Duel entry to Nokia’s “Calling All Innovators” competition.  The app went on to win the grand prize, and then I went on to work full-time for PHD Gaming. One of the projects I was involved with for them was an RTS / RPG set in ancient Greece and Persia. I was responsible for creating music, sound FX and voiceover and put together a nearly 60 minute soundtrack.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the game has been delayed and the current release date is indefinite. In light of this, I was given permission from PHD Gaming to non-commercially share the music I composed for this title. It was a project of epic proportions, and today I still feel that the music has a lot of heart.

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