Online casino game sounds

In 2014 and 2015 I worked on several slot machine gaming projects and learned a lot from it. The developers talked a lot about how sound is one of the most important qualities for slots, and the right kinds of sounds are what keep players playing, and even getting an emotional high from the experience. There are very specific “slot” sounds that players hear and their ears are well trained to recognize what’s an authentic slot sound and what’s not. Also, everything has to be in the musical key of C because of the way sounds overlap.

I have some composer friends who work on a ton os slot machine projects compared to what I’ve done. It seems like it can be a lucrative and stable industry compared to other segments. The games are relatively cheap to produce and players spend a lot of money on them, and there’s a constant demand for new games. Some fantastic casino games are available to check out on casino netbet.

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“Baroque” Heirs & Graces soundtrack

Leet Music composed the soundtrack to Heirs & Graces from Winter Wolves Games which was released recently. It’s a gay dating sim in a classical European setting, and the music prominently features a baroque style harpsichord on many of the tracks. The soundtrack is available for purchase on BandCamp.

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Interview with Tunecore blog

Matthew was interviewed by Tunecore’s music blog about LeetStreet Boys and the “otaku” music genre. Very happy to have this opportunity and how it turned out. Read the piece here!

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