Japanese language video game theme song

Leet Music composed the theme song “Taste Of You,” which was performed by Japanese “J-pop” artist Hitomi Himekawa. Matt wrote the song in English, and Hitomi rewrote the lyrics in Japanese. Matt also did all the arranging and mixing. The song will appear in an upcoming visual novel / dating sim / eroge game project.  This was the first assignment where Leet Music was asked to make a theme song in Japanese, and it presented a new challenge. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to making music with all languages and influences.

Out to snack on some Asian food in Brooklyn.


Hitomi’s own Hime Romance store which sells Japanese fashion and anime merchandise, as well as the home of Star Generation management.


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Two speaking engagements announced

I will be speaking next Saturday, 6/20/2015 at Nashua Library ComicFest in Nashua, NH on the subjects of Video Game Music Appreciation, Producing Animation, and fielding a LeetStreet Boys Q&A panel. This event is for a casual audience of anime, comic and video game fans and these are comparable to the panels I’ve done at anime conventions in the past. I was also interviewed by two newspapers in New Hampshire in preparation for the event!

Then in September (the weekend of the 18th thru 20th) I will be speaking at Captivate Conference in Austin, TX for the second time. This my my topic is on Producing Winning Video Game Theme Songs, following along with the article I wrote last year. This is the first time I have spoken about this topic for a professional audience. In the last six months I won an award for a theme song I composed and produced, and also finished my first theme song in another language (Japanese.)

Looking forward to both of these events!

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Leet Music composes music for aerial photography

Leet Music was called up to compose music on a series of promotional videos and commercials for Standard Orbit OP, a company that specializes in aerial photography taken by drone airplanes. Their in-flight footage feels a lot like flying an airship over the map in an RPG. So naturally, the client wanted music that had some of the same uplifting qualities as classic RPG airship music, but also modern orchestral elements that would appeal to a more casual audience. The result is what you hear!

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